Support for the implementation and monitoring of the WFD

DIANA project will produce a huge amount of high spatial and temporal resolution, meteorological and hydrological data on river basin scale. These data will be offered as a service to the authorities that are responsible for the implementation of the WFD, to fill the spatial and temporal data gaps of the sampling procedure. The service will provide users with a better understanding of how the water resources of the area under their authority are used (including irrigation requirements and abstractions) as well as with valuable evidence for evaluating the efficiency of their water saving actions, aiming to drive better informed decisions and actions in the process of WFD implementation.

The data products and services offered by DIANA will be based on a combination between EO data provided by diverse satellites as well as meteorological and complementary data derived from different data sources, with a view to appropriately meet the needs of our users in terms of spatial, temporal and spectral resolution and by extension the operational requirements of the platform itself. Initially, a geometrical and radiometrical standardisation will be applied to the EO data utilised for the development of our data product line, ensuring their temporal and spatial comparability. Subsequently, based in this data, the following data products will be developed:

  • Soil moisture
  • Vegetation indices
  • Crop coefficient maps

Building upon the abovementioned data products, state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms will be utilized, to design the demand-driven services, co-created along with the users, in line with their requirements and the co-defined specifications.