Non authorised water abstraction detection and monitoring

The non-authorised water abstraction detection and monitoring service will be the core service of the DIANA platform. Satellite images will be processed and maps of irrigated areas will be provided to the users. The service will be able to detect areas where non-authorised water abstraction has occurred and provide timely alerts to the users for this event. In addition, time sequences of irrigated areas will provide users with maps of irrigation water consumption and abstracted volumes along with estimates of the water consumption. In case the legal volume is exceeded, the user will receive an alert via web and mobile. The alerts provided by the DIANA system will be able to guide and optimise field inspection procedures.

The service will empower users to:

  • monitor irrigated areas and the abstracted volumes on a systematic basis,
  • better target field inspections aimed at assessing compliance with legal water allocation,
  • ensure the legitimacy of self-declared irrigation water abstractions and
  • safeguard compliance with water restrictions set in special occasions such as drought.

The data products and services offered by DIANA will be based on a combination between EO data provided by diverse satellites as well as meteorological and complementary data derived from different data sources, with a view to appropriately meet the needs of our users in terms of spatial, temporal and spectral resolution and by extension the operational requirements of the platform itself. Initially, a geometrical and radiometrical standardisation will be applied to the EO data utilised for the development of our data product line, ensuring their temporal and spatial comparability. Subsequently, based in this data, the following data products will be developed:

  • Soil moisture
  • Vegetation indices
  • Crop coefficient maps

Building upon the abovementioned data products, state-of-the-art techniques and algorithms will be utilized, to design the demand-driven services, co-created along with the users, in line with their requirements and the co-defined specifications.