The DIANA Final event was a side event at the EIP Water Innovation Congress

Ebro River Basin Organization

Yesterday, María Calera and Maria Llanos López, from Agrisat, visited the offices of the Ebro River Basin Organization (CHE, Zaragoza) to analyse the results of DIANA_H2020_Project project in the Bajo Jalón pilot area. They met Miguel Ángel García Vera (head of the Office’s Plans and Studies Area of Hydrological Planning -OPH-), José Ángel Losada García (Head of the GIS Service of the OPH), Teresa Carceller (Head of the Groundwater Service of the OPH) and Rogelio Galván (Head of the Service of the OPH). More information

Workshop «Copernicus for agri-environmental applications»

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Festival dell’Erranza

It starts on Friday, September 13th at 17:00h with Anna Osann, coordinator of European Union projects regarding the improvement of water and nutrient use efficiency in agriculture and with Massimo Gargano, ANBI director (Associazione Nazionale Bonifiche Irrigazioni).

Festival dell’Erranza is organized in collaboration with  the Fondazione Premio Napoli, Consorzio di Bonifica Sannio Alifano, ANBI Associazione Nazionale Bonifiche Irrigazioni, Progetto Diana, Coldiretti Caserta, Mucirama. More information:

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Feragua presents the results of its participation in the DIANA and MOSES projects at the National Congress of Irrigation in Badajoz (Spain)

Feragua attended the XXXVII National Congress of Irrigation, which was held in Don Benito (Badajoz), the last June 2019. Feragua informs about the projects carried out in the field of engineering and innovation in irrigation and water management. More information

Pilot zone Bempezar Marrgen derecha in the Guadalquivir region. FERAGUA.

Interview with Jose Luis MURCIA, manager of Bembezar Water Users Association. Elena Navarro, from FERAGUA, shows the DIANA platform to WUA. More information

Meeting at Ministry of Agricolture in Rome on 12th June 2019

Carlo de Michele (Ariespace)  and Massimo Natalizio (Consorzio di Bonifica Del Sannio Alifano) attended a round table. The title of Massimo Natalizio  speech was ‘The European DIANA project: integration of satellite data into Consortium irrigation management’

Romanian Regional Meeting

The past June the  3rd  was hold the Romanian Regional Meeting in Bucharest where main outcomes of Romanian Pilot Area, Banat were presented to the assistants. Around twenty people from different institutions attended to the meeting. It was hold in the headquarters of National Administration “Romanian Waters”, partners of the project and organizers of the event. The meeting was divided in three different blocks: Presentation of the project (NARW), description of the methodology for DIANA product generation and DIANA platform live demo (ROSA/AgriSat) and policy and legal operational requirements (2eco). Finishing with interesting debate among the assistants. More information

DIANA project had a place at Space for a Safe Society and Sustainable Growth

The conference “Space for a Safe and Secure Society, supporting Sustainable Growth” took place in Bucharest on 4-5 June 2019. The conference has been organized by the European Commission, in collaboration with the, Romanian Space Agency, European Space Agency and Eurisy, under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council and the Romanian Ministry for Research and Innovation.

While addressing the EU space programs, the conference will focus on the benefits brought by the Earth Observation, navigation and satellite communication technologies for the safety and security of the citizens as well as for the sustainable growth of the society.

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ROSA, our DIANA partner, has attended the United Nations/Romania International Conference

The poster for Cluj: ROSA, our DIANA partner, has attended the United Nations/Romania International Conference on Space Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Farming. Soil moisture estimation using Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data covering 2017 and 2018 crop seasons. More information


Violeta Domnica Poenaru, from ROSA, Romania presented a Poster at  ESA LIVING PLANET SYMPOSIUM 2019. 13-17 May 2019, Milan, Italy.  Earth Observation for Sustainable Development Goals – Land degradation. Soils with high moisture content are prone to the soil compaction that been detected by Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data, validating thus the previous soil moisture estimations. More information

EnRed recorre las provincias de Huelva, Sevilla y Córdoba

EnRed travels through the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Córdoba to learn about different technological experiences to control efficient irrigation. From systems that irrigate according to the land to satellite images that diagnose the state of the fields, Andalusia is becoming a pioneer scenario for water saving solutions. More information

Andrés Cuesta, de AgriSat, visitó la Comunidad de Usuarios de Aguas Subterráneas de Valdelobos.

Una sesión de entrenamiento de la nueva plataforma AgriSatwebGIS se llevó a cabo en la oficina central de C.U.A.S Valdelobos. AgriSat ya ha proporcionado una clasificación de cultivos a sus usuarios. Durante esta sesión, los servicios de AgriSat, integrados en el sistema DIANA, fueron mostrados a los técnicos de esta Comunidad.

14 al 16 de marzo de 2019. Sevilla, España.

FERAGUA presentó un video en la 22ª Reunión de Talleres del Consejo de Europa para la implementación de la Convención de Paisaje del Consejo de Europa y el Congreso Internacional Agua, paisaje y ciudadanía ante el Cambio Global, en Sevilla, donde se muestran las potencialidades de los sensores remotos…Leer más.

Reunión de DIANA con el Ministerio de Transición Ecológica de España.

DIANA se reunió con el Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (MAPA) y … More information

Entrevista a DIANA con NATE e ISPF.

Entrevista de DIANA a la Administración Nacional de “Agua de Rumania” (NARW) y … More information

Junta Central de Riego de la Mancha Oriental.

Trabajando con la plataforma DIANA en la Junta Central de Riego de la sede de la Mancha Oriental … More information

Foro Nacional de Usuarios de Copérnico

Una presentación muy interesante del proyecto DIANA en el Foro Nacional de Usuarios de Copernicus, en… More information

Investigación e innovación en agricultura de regadío.

“Investigación e innovación en agricultura de regadío” en el evento ACQUA TOUR 2017-2018… More information